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Book #104 -- Jean Marie Ward and Teri Smith, With Nine You Get Vanyr, 348 pages.

Ok, this is one of the more interesting books I've read in awhile. How to explain it . . . this is a book written for fangirls. That's not really a criticism, just an observation. The best part is how it plays with the conventions of fandom in general and fanfiction in particular. If you are unfamiliar with those conventions, it comes across as a fun, but not particularly noteworthy fantasy novel. If you *are* familiar with those conventions you find yourself collapsed on the bed in laughter gasping out "plot bunnies! Plot BUNNIES!! Heeheeheeheeheehee!" (In case you can't tell, I am *definitely* familiar with fandom and fanfiction *g*) It is also very clearly the first book in a series, or rather, the first part of a much larger story. To that end, I can only hope the next installment is forthcoming soon. Sadly, one of the authors has since passed away, but I understand the other is intending to continue the work.

Progress toward goals: 297/366 = 81.1%

Books: 104/150 = 69.3%

Pages: 27646/50000 = 55.3%

2008 Book List

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