Gwyn Raven (gwynraven) wrote,
Gwyn Raven

Things heard at 'song's Thanksgiving

"Finally, I have detachable penis" -- shadesong

"Years ago I gave you best cock on the block and I haven't given you anything since" -- slipjig

"Sometimes a girl just wants to sit back and be corrupted" -- shadesong

"No, I did not lose it because I was thinking about penises" -- slipjig

"Now I'm thinking about how to speak Italian in LOLcat" -- Elayna

"I'll be gentle, I promise" -- Elayna

"I'm a first wave Polly Pocket" -- gwynraven

"Hey, Adam?" -- everyone

"I just got hit with a mushroom stem" -- slipjig, immediately followed by a hail of mushroom stems

"What is in my hair?" -- slipjig

"Giblets are phallic. Thinking of you." -- shadesong texting to lbitw

"Mmm . . . dead flesh" -- yendi
"Mmm . . . zombie Thanksgiving" -- shadesong

And no, the guests haven't even arrived yet. There will more later :) I love my family!
Tags: family, thanksgiving
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