Gwyn Raven (gwynraven) wrote,
Gwyn Raven

Things heard at 'song's Thanksgiving Part II

"My wish is for somebody to get a video of Glen Beck snorting cocaine off of a male prostitute's dick" -- slipjig

"These are bigger than I need" -- shadesong
"No comment" -- yendi

"Are we going to have some pussy pie?" -- aristabulus

"Where would you like Andy's pump?" -- gwynraven

"The boys took my knives away before I got the alcohol" -- shadesong

"Turkey fellatio is our new tradition" -- slipjig
"Turkey fellatio is also our new bandname" -- shadesong

"I have duct tape. I'm just sayin'" -- shadesong

"You're not going to tell him about the suppository, are you?" -- aristabulus

"You've just given me a whole new reason to hate needles" -- gwynraven

"It's transubstantialicious" -- mikemarano

"I was in a foreign country, and she was hot" -- swashbucklr

"Is tribble gluten-free?" -- swashbucklr
"Is tribble kosher?" -- shadesong
Tags: thanksgiving
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